Which of Our Services Can Help You?

From a single room to an entire home or condo, a single office or an entire retail or commercial space, all of the services we offer can be combined to create a comprehensive plan for your project.  We can provide one or more of our services as you need them.  After reviewing how we can help, you can contact us for a free consultation to determine exactly what you need.

Your Financial Investment
There is a charge if you hire us to handle the as-built or other services in the remodeling process. The cost depends primarily on the services and the number of meetings, changes needed to attain your vision.

Assess your needs - the crucial first step

Our process begins with the development of accurate drawings of your existing property—also known as as-built drawings. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the as-built drawings we create with our clients.

  1. We spend the time necessary to get all the information needed on the affected areas of your property.
  2. We work around your schedule when arranging a visit.
  3. We arrive at your property with a laptop and industry-leading software and draw the existing structure on-site. (We’ve found this to be the most accurate approach.)
  4. We take many digital photographs or Scans of your property to use as reference if questions arise during the layout process.

Here is an example of an "As-built" 3D scan:

We will meet to discuss the project in more detail when the as-built drawings are complete to discuss your next steps.

You may choose to stick with Your Home Plan-It and continue to “make it simple” by working with our professional designers, engineers, and architects to create working drawings and complete your design plan.

Or, if you prefer, we can send the as-built drawing to you by mail, e-mail or to a print shop of your choice.

How you can help

Once the as-built drawings are complete we’ll determine a strategy plan based on those drawings and your input. Information you can provide that is helpful includes:

  • Written lists of your needs and wants—and what, specifically, you DON’T want
  • A scrapbook of notes, photos, and articles that you’ve collected
  • Input and wish lists from family and friends
  • A budget
  • Descriptions of items in your home—for example, kitchen appliances, furniture, and cabinets—that you want to include in the design
  • Photographs of other houses, with notes describing what you like

Not included are:

  • Soil exploration or soil analysis
  • Surveying
  • Additional Printing costs
  • Energy calculations
  • Door, window, and cabinet schedules. (These can be produced by us but are not part of the standard design process.)
  • Final detailing of cabinets (usually completed by the cabinet supplier)
  • Detailed specifications (typically handled by the contractor)
  • Landscaping plans
  • Detailed specifications done by product manufacturer

Where can we help?

Where to find us?

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